I love you SO much and I’m so grateful to God that you’re the daddy of our little kiddos. You’re so wise and caring. I pray God will continue to give you wisdom, protection, and grace, and that you will seek Him all the days of your life! Your leadership and Godly example inspire me as your wifey to be what God wants me to be. I know our sons already look up to you and want to be just like “Papi.” I pray that when struggles come your way, or we face hard times together (like we already have!), that you’ll continue to depend on Jesus for your strength! Your daddy set a good example of this I know, and if he were here he would be so proud of the hubby and papa you are! Seeing you play with Israel reminds me of the home videos I’ve seen of you with your dad. It’s so sweet to see y’all together and to see Israel asking over and over, “Papi run? Papi run?” or “Wrestle, Papi!” He doesn’t even know yet how truly blessed he is!

I love you mostest, honey!


Your wifey,