After returning home for a short period, we are excited to announce that we are now returning to Central America! 
We are excited to be back to the work our hearts love so much. From the early stages of our lives, the Lord has put a deep love and care in both of our hearts for all peoples of the world that they would come to repentance and put their hope in the Lord, Jesus Christ.  
Through our ministry and your support, we can help support local churches, and impact hundreds of lives on a daily basis. Once a week we go into villages hit hard by violence, and provide various skills training for adults, Bible study, kids programs, and crafts. On average we help over 40 adults and children every week. 
We hope you'll consider partnering with us in this mission. In addition to the ministry outreach expenses, there are always monthly expenses for groceries, utilities, fuel, healthcare, etc. We have always purposed to live a frugal lifestyle and continue to do so in the mission field. When you give a donation to our ministry, you are helping our family cover living expenses to be able to remain on the field and helping reach so many precious lives. 
For example, if only 600 families were willing to donate a one-time gift of $40, it would completely cover our remaining ministry expenses for this term.
A monthly pledge of $1 a day can help cover the cost of meals we serve to children every week. 
We invite you to partner with us in this next chapter of our lives, as we return to the field. Your continued prayer and support means so much to both of us! 
It has been wonderful seeing all of our friends and family members while we have been back in the states. But after much prayer and consideration, we know the Lord is calling us back to share his message with those in Central America. However, we will return back to the states for a short while to have this sweet new baby!
We want to thank all of our fans and supporters who make this work possible!
If you would like to make a donation towards our ministry, please click the link below.
God bless, 
Derick, Jill, Israel and baby #2