We want to offer all our love and congratulations to Derick’s brother Dan and his sweet new fiance! There must be something in the air for sibling engagements! We love you guys so much. We are praying for you always and are so happy for you.

Family Announcement

July 16, 2016






We are so excited to share that we will be returning in August for a short stateside term that will extend into the fall.  We are really looking forward to seeing our families after nearly 10 months on foreign soil. We plan on taking some Bible classes as we continue to work in ministry from the US. Serving in Central America has been an amazing experience so far for both of us (and Israel!). We feel like we’ve made great advancements in just learning the culture and the language as well as building relationships with so many precious people. Our time here so far has allowed us to see many hearts touched, many souls accept the redeeming love of Christ, and many sweet people helped through humanitarian efforts. We believe our labors until now will serve as a strong foundation for many years of wonderful ministry in the days to come. Even while we are in the United States we will continue to work on behalf of the ministry and the work in Central America will continue. Stay tuned to our website for more updates. Please do continue to pray for us and for the lives of those we’ve been called to minister to!