Hey to you moms out there! I've got a question...from your own experiences, when did your kids start picking up their toys on their own? Israel just went down for a nap and I just got all his toys put back in their right places. I've had him come alongside me to help pick them up and I try to make it fun for him, but since he is only 1 yr. old I figure it will be awhile before he knows how to do it on his own. Any thoughts? -Jill

Recipe: Spaghetti Pie

April 8, 2016

Here is a recipe we thought would be great to add to our website. It's one of Derick's favorites. In fact, his mom brought some of the ingredients here so she could make it for his belated birthday present tonight before she leaves. It's called Spaghetti Pie. I'm sending a pic of the recipe and a pic of the pie.