Happy Columbus Day

October 12, 2015

Today we celebrate the day Christopher Columbus first landed in the Americas. It may be no surprise that 523 years later, these two continents look very different, in more ways than one. I am grateful, however, that we serve a God who never changes. One common fallacy in this “post-Christian” American movement is that the Bible and Christianity is a passing fad from a culture of yesteryear, and that we, in our postmodern thinking, have to look beyond an ancient book if we ever hope to progress as a society. And that is the very thing that any perceived enemy of God (the Bible calls him Satan), whose nature is the very opposite of God (e.g. deceptive, a thief, a murderer, prideful, a destroyer, etc…) would have the American people to believe. The truth is that someone or something cannot change if it’s already perfect. That is, God and his word have always been and will always be the same, not for ignorance or lack of progress, but rather because any change would mean regression from perfection. I am not saying that Christ followers are perfect; we are far from it. But once someone makes the decision to follow Christ, the process of sanctification begins, meaning that God will put him or her on the right path, to look more like Jesus. Christianity, in its essence, is progress, in both a person’s life and in the life of a nation.

This past week, I read Isaiah 26:3 “You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you”. I love this verse. It hung on my dorm room wall while I was a student at Oklahoma State University. This verse is just one example of the many truths of the Bible. I had seen this verse so many times during my time in college, yet it had such a unique, profound impact on me when I read it years later. The variable wasn’t the scripture itself*, but was my own life. We all walk through different seasons of life, and it’s amazing how God continues to speak to us by the same truths. If you really want to discover something amazing (in keeping with the spirit of Columbus Day), open a copy of God’s word and prepare to have your mind blown**.

*Hebrews 13:8

**Hebrews 4:12

Thank You To Our Partners

October 5, 2015

Thank you to all our prayer and financial support partners who were able to join us last night for an evening of ministry discussion and fellowship! Thank you also to our financial part

Watch our website for updates.ners who were not able to attend last night! We can't do this work on the mission field in Central America without you! 

With love,

The Dillards