Mother’s Day 2015 is particular special for me because Mother’s Day 2014 was almost my last with my mom. 

You have to know how this holiday went for my family and me last year, so let’s rewind to last year… My mom had recently been diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, the most aggressive form nonetheless. She had been instructed to remain as isolated as possible from people because the intense chemotherapy had acted as an atom bomb on her body and her immune system had been all but completely wiped out. Jill and I were happily engaged, but we treasured every moment we could with my mom because we didn’t know if it would be our last. Mother’s day was no different. After attending services that Sunday at my childhood church, Jill, my brother Dan, and I took one of the Mother’s Day roses that were passed out and headed to my mom’s house. Upon arriving at the house, we had to leave the rose outside because even a flower could be enough to make her sick. We put our gloves and masks on to protect her, and then we finally entered the house.

A lot happened in the span of the next year. I was on a roller coaster of emotions that only accelerated as I got closer to the day I would meet Jill at the altar to be married. This year my mom is celebrating not only Mother’s Day, but also her first Mother’s Day as a grandmother. My mom’s story of battle and triumph over cancer is nothing short of a miracle, performed by the one true God, our Lord Jesus Christ, through many medical personnel to whom I am eternally grateful. I also want to say THANK YOU to all those who have been praying and are still praying for my mom. Next to my wife, my mom is the most special woman in the world to me. I am grateful for a mom who gave her children the greatest thing a mom can give, the Word of God. Growing up, she was my best example of what a Godly woman looks like.

“Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.”

-Proverbs 31:10

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

I love you!


April 28, 2015

My son Israel nursed 20 min, threw up 4 times, and went through 3 diapers… all within the span of about an hour and a half last night. I’m sure this scenario is all too familiar to millions of parents who, at one time, have had the joy of caring for their infant child. I have much more respect for those dads who have gone on before me and experienced those early stages of fatherhood.